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Ever since the global crisis kicked in, we can often see headlines about safe-bet jobs that will give us good income in the future; looks like tattoo removal business might be one of these ‘safe’ venues: ‘the forever portfolio; betting on aging boomers, obesity and tattoo removal.

A little more about tattoo removal although along less reassuring lines: ‘ taxpayers could pay to remove inmates’ tattoos’ (the readers’ comment section is definitely interesting in this one).

Pierced animals’ and the *in*famous ‘hog farmer from China (it’s been quite a while since he appeared in the online articles).

Scarification is seldom featured online; allegedly it’s ‘making its mark on society’ (Ryan Quellette of Nashua, NH is quoted here!)

‘Tattoos used as ads’ idea echoed in ‘the body as billboard: your ad here’ and ‘a body shouldn’t be used as ad space;

Two interesting ones in foreign languages: the German answer to the ‘can tattoos ‘grow’?’ question and a short article in Dutch about a teenager and her short film about the right to modify one’s body (esp. when ‘one’ is young).

Something to ponder on a little: ‘Sports Illustrated responds to taking off Danica’s tattoo.

A short story about the Lizardman here (and since I’m pretty sure he’d like it, I’m gonna throw in this link – the Lizardman is a huge fan of ferrets!)

The last one is not about body modifications per se but it shows how one can use human bodies for some funny things: ‘Obama body art’!

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