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a pinch of law and concern

Recently I’ve posted a link to an article discussing a grim situation of tattoo artists in Chicago, IL; here’s another point of view from Utah – at the local tattoo convention there the artists allegedly asked ‘what recession?

Two other links in a similar vein (see: tattoo conventions): tattoo convention in Nuernburg, Germany and a few shots from the Annual Milan Tattoo Convention.

News from WA sounds very ‘optimistic’: ‘lawmakers may pass health standards for body piercings this year;’ very reassuring, isn’t it?

Expressing the concerns in Menifeee, CA: ‘council to vote on tattoo parlors’ (it’s more interesting than it seems at first as it also shows how things look in other Californian counties and towns);

News from the southern hemisphere: ‘underage body art a concern,’ and ‘tattoo marks rite of passage’ (not new a concept!).

Would I consider the ‘tattoos are so in, they’re out’ question, if it wasn’t too late for me by now? Probably not!

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