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13/14 configuration

Two magical days lately, so let’s see what was going on then:

Got spirit for News 13? How about a tattoo?’ is about ‘13’ tattoos done on Friday the 13th. Jason Voorhees probably never had one.

V-day was also celebrated: ‘body art on display at Taubman Museum’ in VA and pretty interesting news from Bermuda: ‘local shop’s profits go to heart charity;

I’m sure all of us heard about disastrous fires in Australia during past few days; here’s an example of turning lemons into lemonade (figuratively speaking):  ‘photos gone forever, but family has a back-up plan.

Another piece of news from Australia sheds some light on the Generation Y and its alleged fascination with body art: ‘Gen-Yers splash out with tattoos.

This one was probably supposed to be ‘funny’ but somehow these ideas can actually make some interesting tattoos;) : ‘some tattoos you can use.

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