selected for today

Today’s selection includes:

A new article about the case of Andrew Nilland, the piercer recently jailed in Canada (first article here; an E-Bay auction set up to help him here);

Body modification in the context of the current crisis: ‘Inkonomics: the recession makes its mark on Chicago tattoo parlors.

News from Portugal about a sociological research stating that ‘Majority of youngsters have tattoos as a fashion statement’ (not really surprising, actually).

Two other international touches from Indonesia (‘Hooked on piercing pain’ about a local free-lance piercer) and from Argentina (‘famous tattoos of the summer 2009’).

In more positive news: Kat Von D signing her book and causing almost a sort of hysteria in Omaha, NE; a British article about ‘friends with the same tattoos reuniting after 10 years’ (makes for quite nice and sentimental a story) , two articles from Utah (the state that does not appear that frequently in the context of the industry): ‘tattoo artists redesign Utah nightlife’ and an interview with a local tattoo artist, and, finally, an article from Germany about a guy who decided to auction the back of his scalp on E-Bay.