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nicely international again

I’ve already posted the sad news about a Canadian piercer facing jail and troubles; here’s a noble action by someone who cares: Matt decided to try to raise money and give it all to Andy’s case. Click on and take part in the auction or tell someone who might be interested.

In other news, a few interesting articles to start this week:

So far I usually posted here some statistics about Americans and their (growing) body art coverage. This time it’s news from New Zealand – ‘tattoos more for her than him’ sheds some light on percentage of tattooed New Zealanders and gender ratio.

Another cool article about Russian prison tattoos in ‘uncovering the hidden world of criminal tattoos’ with stories not only about crimes but also political resistance (read also here).

A short article in Dutch about Thaipusam festival; if you don’t read Dutch, that’s still fine because it contains a slideshow with some interesting pictures.

A little more about Kat Von D and her book from WI where she’s going to tour and sign the book soon.

I almost forgot about this one: a WordPress tattoo!

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