religion, glucose and ‘tattooed’ politicians

Religion and body modification for starters: ‘Walking through a test of fire’ and ‘a celebration of devotion’ from Asia and everybody’s Western favorite in ‘do commandments on tattoos and hair still apply?

The Leu Family is well-known to those interested in tattoo art; not many, however, probably know about the Delaney family running their own shop in OH and having many interesting stories to tell.

Piercing safety’ – piercer’s reply to an article on the subject.

Another attemot to break the world tattoo record is going to take place on February 21: ‘tattoo studio to try to break ink record.

I don’t know much about Dee Snider and his Twisted Sisters project but I read an interview with him with some interest. He talks here not only his recent projects but also body modification.

Glucose-monitoring tattoos’ presents an interesting idea how a form of ‘tattoo’ can be used in medicine.

As a fan of lettering tattoos I found pretty interesting an article ‘tattoos we get, and don’t’ – nothing new here but an interesting read nevertheless.

Finally something to make us smile one way or another – the British Spoof informs us that ‘Obama admits he has multiple tattoos.’ Believe it or not! 😉