jail, sideshows and fashionistas

Body art debate at centre of court case’ is about a Canadian piercer arrested for performing certain procedures. Not the first time something like this happens.

Another jail-related article although different in tone – ‘swastika tattoo takes man to jail.

And now for something entirely different:

Pictures: Singapore Tattoo Show’ presents a few shots from the event, suspensions included.

Nickel allergy’ article for ‘risks/health’ category.

Interesting news from the UK: ‘headless ladies and tattoo freak brings seaside sideshows back to life.’ Another interesting article from the UK is the one about big earrings and ‘fashionistas’ that certainly takes a different approach to ear stretching and how modern fashion makes people, women mostly, modify their bodies to fit fashion designers’ ideas.

Tattoo shop mixes styles to survive’ has a more dramatic title than its contents but the whole concept behind the shop is worth some thought, at least in ‘like it or not?’ category.

To end this post, news from the verge of economy, body art and IT: ‘Microsoft’s layoffs include the guy with the Blue Monster tattoo.