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law and art

News from TX concerning tattoos and safety issues; another piece of news is from IA where ‘officials seek tougher tattoo rules’ (another one).

Dress code in a police department resurfaces again in Hawaii.

Tattoos as a form of art worth exhibiting in two articles: ‘Inked: exhibit to expose creativity of tattoos’ in LA and ‘leaving his mark’ from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Two quite different faces of the industry in a German article ‘between art and self-destruction’ and an American article about ‘(an) aging tattoo artist who just can’t give up his art.

Ed Hardy again, this time with a new ‘celebrity energy drink’;

To make you smile a link to a ‘Pac Man tattoo on the most unexpected body part ever.’

Here’s a link to the site I’m going to browse quite often: Shannon Larratt’s new website.

To end this post, a link to an article that reminded me of a good friend who made me read ‘Inkheart’ (and whose tattoos are absolutely amazing!): ‘Inkheart: makeup designer is a font of tattoo tales.

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