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going south

Southern Ink Exposure convention in Cape Town, SA gets a lot of coverage; in these two articles Lyle Tuttle and Paul Booth are mentioned more than in the others. Personally I find it annoying that whenever Lyle Tuttle’s name resurfaces, he always gets attached to Janis Joplin; he’s way more than that!

Since body piercing usually appears less often in the online articles, let’s take a look at what the news brought in this weekend: ‘local body artist”: body piercing carries less stigma’ and, why not?, ‘engagement piercings.

Farmington, NM was already mentioned on here; the article ‘Farmington’s first tattoo studio sees steady business’ is an interesting follow-up of the original story.

Kat Von D just published her book about tattoos and other stuff; the promo tour is soon to follow.

Ink Masterpieces’ present a whole set of various tattoo galleries.

And the news from the Oz: ‘tattoos a popular way to celebrate Australia Day.

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