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shops and ink

The last seizure of ‘Obama fever’? This article from Belgium shows some examples of ‘Obama art’ (tattoos and ‘haircuts’ included); the one from CA shows another version of Obama ink while a GA article points out that ‘inaugural memories could lead to tattoo regrets.

Southern Ink Exposure’ just started in Cape Town, South Africa and its guest list is pretty interesting; also, some information on the entertainment side of the event.

An insight into tattoo shop life: ‘3rd Eye Tattoo and Piercing inks Ellensburg for 10 years’ and ‘inside the tattoo shop.

A whole streak of tattoo ‘galleries’: ‘the worst tattoos in music,’ ‘goofy sports tattoos,’ ‘robot ink,’ and ‘ocean tattoos.

Two articles about ink to end this post: ‘undetectable ink jobs’ about UV ink and ‘erasable ink’ about the ink that’s allegedly easier to laser off.

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