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‘very friendly’ *

The biggest highlight of this post is an interview with Genesis P-Orridge which appeared online on Jan. 3 but, for some reason, the link didn’t seem to work. Both Mr. P-Orridge and what he has to say in this one are worth some attention (not like I’m going back to listening to Throbbing Gristle but I still find him very interesting!)

Geek tattoos again – gallery of ‘the geekiest tattoos;

Two promising, at least at a first glance, tattoo artists from Canada (‘designer turned tattoo artist’) and the US (‘a master with ink’).

I’m still pretty surprised with the amount of media coverage Barack Obama gets (although it’s cool he seems to be portrayed mainly in a positive way); here’s something along ‘our’ lines: “Obama tattoos?” (what is “Obama piercing”, though?)

Finally something a lil more highbrow: ‘panel answers tattoo questions’ at an exhibit of body art “INK: tattoos as personal expression.”

* the title of this post refers to one of the ‘songs’ by Throbbing Gristle;

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