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Two standard articles about tattoo conventions: one about the Body Art Expo in Pomona and another one about the upcoming convention in Singapore, featuring Chris Garver. I’m linking to those, however, only to juxtapose them with a ‘slightly’ different take on the conventions: “Miami according to Brooklyn: tattoo conventions are for jackasses.

Ethics is very important to the industry although not all practitioners take it seriously; one should keep in mind, however, that not only “Pierthing of tongue [may] leadth to problemth.

The problems in Papillon, NE were already mentioned here but here’s some interesting follow-up: “Commentary on the tattoo parlor” and “tattoo parlors: good or bad for communities?

A little exotic touch has the “Legit Art” article that discusses very briefly the state of body art in Vietnam.

And thanks to the invaluable Bastian I can also link to both English and German articles about problems indigenous people face in Indonesia (“Indonesian porn law threatens Papua traditions”; the German one has a nice slide show!).

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