new laws, shops, trends and hopes

With a new year comes a change in the industry regulations in one of GA counties (not to mention this bigger change in the Australian law).

Regulations are needed, indeed, especially that gun piercings are still perceived as a ‘safer’ option than needles in hands of the weird looking people (as the article for parents considering piercing their children’s ears showed). ‘Cheaper piercings raise health risks’ from Australia points out another reason why some people decide to go for the gun piercing route.

New shops opened: Ed Hardy in Berlin (not really a tattoo parlor but somehow relevant) and the first tattoo parlor in a small CA town.

Trasnhumanism is extremely fascinating – a small, very layman-ish taste of it can be found in ‘Humans hope high tech can improve their bodies.

Light stuff for dessert: ‘trendy injuries on the rise‘ from Germany and ‘jazz fans, show us your tattoos.

And, of course, happy new year to all of us!