hoffentlich sprechen/lesen Sie Deutsch ;)

Only three really interesting articles today and two of them are in German:

talented but tattooed’ discusses problems a young German job-seeker faces while sporting visible tattoos and applying for jobs.

Cult of the body or obsession with beauty?’ (the title may be somewhat loosely translated by yours truly) reminded me the ‘Modify’ movie as it also shows the whole body modification concept from more than just tattoo/piercing/scarification angles. Some interesting pictures of various forms of body modifications can be found here.

More about Kat Von D’s book.

law and art

News from TX concerning tattoos and safety issues; another piece of news is from IA where ‘officials seek tougher tattoo rules’ (another one).

Dress code in a police department resurfaces again in Hawaii.

Tattoos as a form of art worth exhibiting in two articles: ‘Inked: exhibit to expose creativity of tattoos’ in LA and ‘leaving his mark’ from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Two quite different faces of the industry in a German article ‘between art and self-destruction’ and an American article about ‘(an) aging tattoo artist who just can’t give up his art.

Ed Hardy again, this time with a new ‘celebrity energy drink’;

To make you smile a link to a ‘Pac Man tattoo on the most unexpected body part ever.’

Here’s a link to the site I’m going to browse quite often: Shannon Larratt’s new website.

To end this post, a link to an article that reminded me of a good friend who made me read ‘Inkheart’ (and whose tattoos are absolutely amazing!): ‘Inkheart: makeup designer is a font of tattoo tales.

going south

Southern Ink Exposure convention in Cape Town, SA gets a lot of coverage; in these two articles Lyle Tuttle and Paul Booth are mentioned more than in the others. Personally I find it annoying that whenever Lyle Tuttle’s name resurfaces, he always gets attached to Janis Joplin; he’s way more than that!

Since body piercing usually appears less often in the online articles, let’s take a look at what the news brought in this weekend: ‘local body artist”: body piercing carries less stigma’ and, why not?, ‘engagement piercings.

Farmington, NM was already mentioned on here; the article ‘Farmington’s first tattoo studio sees steady business’ is an interesting follow-up of the original story.

Kat Von D just published her book about tattoos and other stuff; the promo tour is soon to follow.

Ink Masterpieces’ present a whole set of various tattoo galleries.

And the news from the Oz: ‘tattoos a popular way to celebrate Australia Day.

shops and ink

The last seizure of ‘Obama fever’? This article from Belgium shows some examples of ‘Obama art’ (tattoos and ‘haircuts’ included); the one from CA shows another version of Obama ink while a GA article points out that ‘inaugural memories could lead to tattoo regrets.

Southern Ink Exposure’ just started in Cape Town, South Africa and its guest list is pretty interesting; also, some information on the entertainment side of the event.

An insight into tattoo shop life: ‘3rd Eye Tattoo and Piercing inks Ellensburg for 10 years’ and ‘inside the tattoo shop.

A whole streak of tattoo ‘galleries’: ‘the worst tattoos in music,’ ‘goofy sports tattoos,’ ‘robot ink,’ and ‘ocean tattoos.

Two articles about ink to end this post: ‘undetectable ink jobs’ about UV ink and ‘erasable ink’ about the ink that’s allegedly easier to laser off.

Obama tattoos and other ink

The big day for Barack Obama and the US, so let’s start with things going on in Washington: ‘D.C. tattoo parlors offer lasting inaugural memories’ (‘Obama piercing’ explained in this one); apparently there is ‘no history of George W. Bush tattoos;’

Other people and their tattoos: Crushington Coutois and stories behind her tattoos, a CT tattoo artist talking about his own body art and a UK-based football fan and his new backpiece.

Two upcoming tattoo conventions: Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention just around the corner and a tattoo show in Argentina that is going to take place in March.


Let’s make it a bit more international today:

The news from Sweden suggests that tattoos still hold some ‘cool’ status: ‘Swedish prime minister urged to get a tattoo.

Fusion Art’ and tattoo artists in Spain;

An editorial about ‘not judging a family by its tattoos’ from the UK.

Obamathon’ in Washington D.C. and news about a miraculous tattoo product ‘Inkguard.

‘very friendly’ *

The biggest highlight of this post is an interview with Genesis P-Orridge which appeared online on Jan. 3 but, for some reason, the link didn’t seem to work. Both Mr. P-Orridge and what he has to say in this one are worth some attention (not like I’m going back to listening to Throbbing Gristle but I still find him very interesting!)

Geek tattoos again – gallery of ‘the geekiest tattoos;

Two promising, at least at a first glance, tattoo artists from Canada (‘designer turned tattoo artist’) and the US (‘a master with ink’).

I’m still pretty surprised with the amount of media coverage Barack Obama gets (although it’s cool he seems to be portrayed mainly in a positive way); here’s something along ‘our’ lines: “Obama tattoos?” (what is “Obama piercing”, though?)

Finally something a lil more highbrow: ‘panel answers tattoo questions’ at an exhibit of body art “INK: tattoos as personal expression.”

* the title of this post refers to one of the ‘songs’ by Throbbing Gristle;

eventful weekend

Most online articles posted during last few days deal with tattoo conventions in Singapore and the US, so here’s a small selection: ‘I’m saving skin for nice design’ (gender thing as it discusses women at the convention), ‘Miami Tattoo Expo’ (with a slideshow), ‘pictures of permanent modification’ (Cigar City Tattoo Convention) and ‘tattoo convention drawing crowd in Ybor’ with “cool” comments by readers.

On a different and rarer note a Canadian article about a suspension event: “Piercing Experience” in Edmonton, Canada.

Two satirical pieces from the UK: ‘pierced testicle craze sweeps university’ and ‘piercings in record cold.

Since I’m a runner, I couldn’t resist posting this one: ‘Disney Marathon’ – its male winner has something to do with tattoos!

people and tattoos

A few interesting ones today:

Russ Foxx in ‘hooking and hanging’ and Bob Tyrrell in ‘I’ll be gentle’;

A question posed in WA, ‘artists or medics?’ may lead to a change in regulations of the local body modification industry;

A rare thing to post: a movie review of ‘the Tattooist’;

News from OH: ‘think before you ink’ with a different than usual twist – the ‘worst tattoo’ contest and its winner;

People’s passions and their tattoos: a German slideshow of the sports fan tattoos and aviation tattoos from the US;

I didn’t get thrilled when I first came across an article about the Google Android tattoo but Bastian sent me this cool German article discussing not only the Android tattoo but also other geek tattoos and I changed my mind.

opinions and questions

Two standard articles about tattoo conventions: one about the Body Art Expo in Pomona and another one about the upcoming convention in Singapore, featuring Chris Garver. I’m linking to those, however, only to juxtapose them with a ‘slightly’ different take on the conventions: “Miami according to Brooklyn: tattoo conventions are for jackasses.

Ethics is very important to the industry although not all practitioners take it seriously; one should keep in mind, however, that not only “Pierthing of tongue [may] leadth to problemth.

The problems in Papillon, NE were already mentioned here but here’s some interesting follow-up: “Commentary on the tattoo parlor” and “tattoo parlors: good or bad for communities?

A little exotic touch has the “Legit Art” article that discusses very briefly the state of body art in Vietnam.

And thanks to the invaluable Bastian I can also link to both English and German articles about problems indigenous people face in Indonesia (“Indonesian porn law threatens Papua traditions”; the German one has a nice slide show!).