Australia mostly

Final post for this year, I think, but at least there’s a few good articles to link to and an entertaining one, too.

Let’s start with a little summary of 2008 according to – ‘increasing demand for custom tattoos.

As of January 1, 2009 a new law comes in effect in the Australian state Victoria; it’s supposed to ban nipple and genital piercings and other, considered as more extreme, body modification procedures for minors (here’s some insight from the piercers’ side).

Meanwhile, across the world, in the US, a just opened tattoo parlor in NE is facing social protests: ‘tattoo parlor gets under some Papillon folks’ skin.

Another one from Australia, ‘queue for the beauty that is more than skin deep,’ can be a good reminder to book this next tattoo appointment for the months to come.

Finally, some entertaining news (that also shows how small the Earth actually is) – David Beckham’s new tattoo worries his wife (and haunts the readers all over the world – versions in German, Dutch, Spanish).