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fads and army stuff

Mentioned previously, the Tats for Toys initiative apparently ‘made for a big Christmas;’ just too bad the article isn’t longer and with some photos.

Landscape of the skin’ is a pretty interesting article featuring the older people and their tattoos – kind of ‘STFU’ for those who think that tattoos and piercings are only for teenagers and a clear sign of immaturity?

News from the UK: ‘tattooed, overweight and criminal record? Your country needs you…’ (another one). Comments are worth reading, too; quite telling that being overweight (a physical disadvantage?), having a criminal record (a social disadvantage?) and being tattooed (apparently both physical and social disadvantage) are presented here on the same level.

Serious issues aside, time for something funnier:

Bacon tattoos’ from CA and a European touch thanks to another trend from Germany (tattooed penises) and news from Siberia where ‘Putin tattoos (are) the latest fashion fad.

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