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’tis the season and not much in the news

Holidays are slow news-wise but with a new year approaching fast we can expect quite a few summaries of 2008; tattoo-wise we may start with ‘eight biggest celebrity tattoos of 2008 (photos)’.

A little more interesting, at least to me, is a German article about ASCII-artmentioned previously but, obviously, it’s quite a trend in Germany now.

News of the weird: from sideshow to law school’ is about a guy changing his life path, still wearing traces of the past on his body. The story reminded me of other ‘freaks’ with good education: the Great Omi and, more current, the Lizardman.

A little ‘Christmas story’ to end this post: ‘underneath the pierced eyebrows and tattoos’ makes for a nice story reminding us that we should never judge people by the way they look but rather by the way they act.

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