FAQ and G/C

Temporary tattoos first: high-tech stuff and tattoos in advertising.

There are many reasons why we do what we do – ‘why people do the piercing’ tries to answer something you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask;)

This one, I’m sure, many people wanted to know and really were kind of afraid to ask – ‘how to change a captured bead ring’ (another, safer option would be relying on a professional).

The old, long-gone tattoo parlors were not only about tattooing but also about providing many other services – a CA-based tattoo shop tries to get back to the roots and create a place with the retro feel: ‘like peanut butter and jelly’.

With Christmas right around the corner, here’s yet another gift option: ‘tattoo gift certificate’ (this one’s from Milwaukee, WI, but many other shops all around the world use this route, too).