‘believe it or not’

Something ‘artsy’ for starters: ‘the price of art (is) a piece of flesh’ from Canada discusses tattoo-for-art trade, something worth at least considering (especially when it comes to getting tattooed something drawn/painted/etc by someone else). Another ‘artsy’ take on tattoos is painting detailed portraits featuring tattoos – a nice way to celebrate the beauty of tattoos.

An interesting article from Nigeria discusses whether ‘facial marks and circumcision’ should be outlawed or not – no matter what the Westerners think about it, both sides in this discussion raise some interesting and worth consideration points.

In the ‘risk’ department: ‘five points parents should consider before piercing their kids’ ears’ – even it looks all sensible and dandy at first, the author points in only one direction – piercing gun – which is *so not* a good option. ‘Hoover ink’ presents tattoos on a few local teenagers and their opinions on the subject. The comments on this one are worth reading, too.

This guy (official website) didn’t play any role at all in directing my own interests in body modifications but for many others he did the trick; here’s the news: ‘Ripley’s is 90 – believe it or not’. And maybe this piece of news would find its way into one of his books/ programs: ‘Man pulls car with his eyelids’.