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gothic perspectives, fluffy dreams

With bad news about auto-makers slashing jobs left and right, economy is an omnipresent subject of conversation these days. No wonder then that the subject of job and mods popped out again: ‘body art and the recession: are job seekers covering up more?’ (the contents don’t live up to the expectations, though); another one is mainly people’s opinions and experiences: ‘getting job with tattoos’.

Something more positive: two people whose dreams came true and, accidentally?, both of them one way or another connected to the industry: ‘dream come true for tattoo artist’ from the UK and ‘local screenwriter’s dream finally comes true’ from PA.

Something definitely unusual is the idea one woman from PA got when she started marketing ‘gothic kittens’ (a little more about that). Sure, it’s not new to pierce/ tattoo/ brand animals but when it comes to cute-looking, fluffy kittens, you can sure like hell count on people’s indignation and protests.

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