almost an obituary

The news about Bettie Page’s death appeared a few days back but I’m posting about it only now; she looked stunning even by modern standards and tattoos of pin-ups looking like her will probably stay around for a long time in the future.

Interestingly enough, a piece of news about another death passed unnoticed and was buried so deep that I came across it accidentally only today: a few weeks back passed away Taiwan’s oldest tattooed Atayal woman (she was 110). This tattoo culture seems to be passing away right in front of our eyes and status of ‘living national treasure’ probably won’t fix anything (more about the Atayal).

Another article about the New Zealand woman who got ‘do not resuscitate’ tattoo done across her chest – this time with a picture of her and some personal details.

Something more cheerful with a gender twist: a female tattoo artist recognized and honored by Cambridge Who’s Who for excellence in tattoo art.

Finally, some ‘tattooed’ ‘eye candy’: ‘tattooed’ Michael Phelps on the cover of ESPN magazine.