going (too) mainstream

Let’s make it the last article about the Berlin Tattoo Convention – quite detailed a review with a title that says a lot: ‘bye bye tramp stamp’. And since Isobel Varley attended the event, here’s a very short article about her (she’s allegedly the most tattooed person in the world).

The idea of tattoo parlors as chain stores appeared on here last week but here’s another one from OK: ‘Tulsa tattoo shop finds home in shopping mall’; apparently they are getting ready for more than just one location.

Another one in a commercial vein: ‘gift ideas: ‘haircut and a half sleeve’. That’s an attitude!

News from India about the Ghanji movie (which is quite similar to/ based on ‘Memento’): ‘Ghanji tattoos brew trouble again’ (more details here). Pretty bizarre it seems.

Is there any chance for Wentworth Miller to be associated with any other show than ‘Prison Break’? Hard to say for now, so for Michael Scofield and his tattoos’ sake, here’s an interview with W. Miller where he discusses the show, tattoos and a few other topics.