crowds, laws and moolahs

A whole bunch of articles from Italy, in English, about tattoos; one of the authors admits he doesn’t have even one tattoo himself.

Another German one about the Berlin Tattoo Convention that took place this weekend and a Spanish one from Mexico about a tattoo convention over there. Apparently ‘every tattoo is a story’ and it’s quite easy to feel that at a tattoo convention.

Inked: personality behind the art’ is interesting not only because it’s about one of the local VA tattoo artists but also because it discusses the legal requirements for being a tattoo artist in VA (and there’s actually a few important things one needs to do to become one); on the other end of spectrum is an article from Bolivia that shows the current legal status of the industry over there – no laws in regard to tattoos and piercings whatsoever.

Sensational news from the UK: ‘deadly DIY tattoo kits sold on web’. As the old proverb says” good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good’, not to mention that it’s always good to use common sense.

Two last articles for today are on a lighter note: ‘tattoo artists raking in mollahs’ from India and a piece of news about the Obama campaign and their ‘investing’ in temporary ‘Obama tattoos’.