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book(s), dress code and rituals

The new week brought some interesting articles:

Quite a few new books, either already available or upcoming, on body modification lately; another one is by Henk Schiffmacher himself – his tattoo lexicon.

This past weekend there was a tattoo convention in Louisville, KY; quite telling a title of the article, ‘Expo shows the draw of tattoos doesn’t fade in tight times’, says is all.

It’s been two years since tattooing was legalized in OK; since then, few citations for health code violations appeared on the record: ‘OK tattoo artists’ records reveal few bad marks’.

Two articles on dress code: for sailors in ‘Ink can stink’ and for Air Force Personnel in the US.

The last two for today deal less with tattoos and more with faith but since they are interesting to read, I’m including them: about a new branch of Deliverance Bible Church in TX and ‘makahiki ritual’ in HI.

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