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here we go again

First two days of the new week brought quite a few interesting articles; a small selection below:

Tattoos in the modern Indonesia – the title says a lot: ‘who’ll marry you now?’ Another one about culture(s) and tattoos is ‘Race, sex and tattoos” (an upcoming lecture/presentation by Kip Fulbeck, the author of ‘Permanency’, a pretty nice book on the subject of tattoos).

Going back to our roots in a way was St. Louis Old School Tattoo Expo (not much info but some pictures from the show).

Ireland seldom appears on here; this time it’s about tattoos and local gangs (more).

International Ink Parlor’ is supposed to be ‘educational and social event’ at the Appalachian State University; maybe there’ll be some follow-up after it’s all done.

A little different approach toward tattoos is in this one about cosmetic tattooing.

The news from Houston, TX about a new district judge who says ‘I’m probably the only district judge with this many tattoos’.

Finally, all ‘should’ know that there is a new World Guiness Record in most tattoos given in 24h (the previous one was mentioned here).

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