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Despite the news coverage feeding us with revelations about how weak the American economy is at the moment, there are still appearing new articles about recently opened tattoo shops or people’s plans to do so; here’s one of them from OR.

Quite good points in the ‘tattoo deals increase impulse buys’ article although the article as a whole is kind of average. True, however, that most of us love to believe we saved money going for ‘1 for 2’ deals, mods included.

Workplace/ dress code again: ‘Generational issues’ is pretty interesting to read, even if the only thing you’ll get from it is finding out whether you’re a Baby Boomer, one of the Generation X or just a Millennium kid.

From the inside of the industry: Australian modifiers speak on the recent body piercing/tattoo law in ‘tattoo laws: you see the point of this’ while ‘piercing the heart of Denver’ is about Alicia Cardenas, one of the big figures of APP. Internationally, here we have interviews with tattoo artists from Austria and Spain.

After a long streak of names of the companies taking advantage of the popularity of tattoos I’ve posted some time ago now it’s time for golf ball tattoos.

Some time ago I also posted a link to ‘Dear Abby’ column where a young man complained about people’s intolerance; here’s a small follow up on a more positive note: ‘tattooed mum greets stares with smile’ (this AZ link has a slightly different set of comments).

Something very interesting for ‘dessert’: ‘Tattoo Lou’s’ is presented as a piece of history of American tattooing and I like it this way.

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