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11.04 – freebies day

I think I’m not the only one who thinks that the presidential election in the US is important not only to the USA, so I’m going to start with a few related articles:

I’ve already posted about the special ‘election’ offer for body piercings in MO but it’s mentioned again today, along with loads of other freebies.

With Obama being one of the main characters of today, here’s also an article about him ‘voting NO on droopy pants’ (dress code and mods mentioned also; another one).

Speaking of the dress code, this time it’s about nurses in TX: ‘Seton targets tattoos, body piercings and clothing in new dress code” and another one written from a somewhat different perspective: ‘Texas Tech nurse working to change perception of tattoos’. Another one about dress code is the one from the UK: ‘I was refused new job because of my tattoo’. And there’s also a lawyer’s commentary on ‘firing after lip-piercing policy change’.

The last kind of gloomy one is an article from Malaysia about painful methods to get rid of tattoos (I’d add ‘don’t try it at home, kids!’).

On to nicer things:

Tattoo conventions across the world: Lima Body Fest 2008 (review in Spanish), German and Austrian tattoo conventions (plus a nice slide show from the Vienna Tattoo Convention with a handful of cool pictures of Håvve Fjell) and the Lower Hutt Charity Tattoo Show in New Zealand.

Nothing new but a cool pic and a feel it’s kind of shocking novelty to the author of this one: about eyeball tattooing posted on a Swiss website.

Finally, something I’d love to visit myself: body art exhibit in Mesa, AZ.

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    Nice article… thanks for sharing….keep it up ^^

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