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A tattoo convention in R.I. took place last weekend and the subsequent news coverage wasn’t as much about the actual event as about a winner of the Miss Tattoo beauty pageant, a young Canadian woman who has an interesting story behind her tattoos (more). Even more interesting are her own words when she states that she wants to present tattooed women in a positive, and very feminine, light, which is strikingly similar to Betty Broadbent’s goal decades ago.

Another one in the tattoo convention department is an article about Lima Body Fest 2008 starting on Halloween of all days of the year.

With the current state of economy being still very unstable, sooner or later there will appear a wave of articles about body art and jobs (just like the subject usually surfaces around the graduation time in the US). Here’s a small sample in this vein: ‘students with tattoos not worried about affect on future employers’ but we all know that the exact opposite approach is also possible.

Letters by readers make an interesting read up on their own and here’s an example: ‘Dear Harriette: body piercing wrong for preteen’ with a short follow up but a few readers.

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