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rules and funnies

Rules change for donating blood after tattoos’ from NM and two articles about new rules for body art from NY make for pretty good news. It’s really hard to understand, however, why you can’t donate blood if you were recently tattooed and yet this rule does not apply to ‘piercings’ done by means of piercing guns as this article from KS shows.

More about the rules: the latest news from Joplin, MO: ‘school board: no more visible teacher tattoos’ (more here).

A little more info on the recent news about two Indonesian men duped into getting facial tattoos (not sure how credible this ‘revelation’ is, though).

Travel-inspired tattoos’ make for an interesting, quite personal read but I found this ‘Japanese baths and tattoos’ article better.

Finally, two funny ones: ‘the 5 new Angelina Jolie tattoos’ kind of weirded me out (making up BS and getting paid for that?) and another one from Bastian – an English thief caught red-handed (or, rather, ‘red-neck inked’). It’s really like by the end of this year I should give out at least a handful of thank-you t-shirts 😉

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