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An intellectual approach: ‘book on cultural roots of tattoos’ from the USA and ‘tattoo culture at the Dana Centre’ from the UK.

Gang tattoos and problems they caused at one of CA high schools.

A touch of the ordinary in a few articles about the local shops: ‘beauty to the bone’ from PA, ‘new tattoo shop emphasizes comfort, cleanness’ in IN, a shop with ‘original, customized approach’ in MO and ‘ink in blood’ from Canada.On a side note, higher gas prices were occasionally mentioned in articles about body art; I wonder now what impact the current financial crisis is going to have on the industry, especially when shops are located in smaller, less active and into towns.

Since October is a month of breast cancer awareness, two related articles: ‘’tattoos tie family bond’ and ‘tattoos for breast cancer donations’.

(Not that) useful tip(s) for back pieces in ‘tattoo back design – where are the good, quality back tattoos?

Also, interesting news from Indonesia: ‘(two men) duped into getting tattoos’.

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