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events, celebs and other news

Another article about Wim Delvoye and his art in the context of his exhibit in Moscow, Russia. A few other events for a good measure – Body Art Expo in LA, more about ‘Tattoonesia 2008’ and a short article in Dutch about a tattoo convention in Assen.

Celeb glitter: Ed Hardy clothing line and David Beckham’s tattoos in a calendar for 2009.

Not that positive sides of being ‘modified’ – an update about LA firefighters and the tattoo policy they have to tackle and another piece of bad news from Israel – this time a 14-yr-old and nipple piercing.

In other news, an article about a Toronto based Imperial Tattoo shop and a short history of PA.

Big thanks to Bastian for sending me a link to this German article about Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Shannon Larratt published a few interesting interviews with voluntary amputees and they are certainly worth reading.

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2 responses to “events, celebs and other news

  1. Alexander ⋅

    Even in 2007 there was a very good article about BIID in Germany:

  2. aniareads ⋅

    It’s not really in the scope of my interests as far as body modification goes but since it def. involves serious acts of body modification on a very basic level and since it used to be covered by BME, I think it’s good to gather some info on the subject.

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