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A short overview of the history of body piercing and two articles about a decline of tramp stamp tattoos, both in English and in German.

Moko tattoo artists with a mission at the London Tattoo Convention.

CT: Norwalk to inspect city’s tattoo parlors.

Dress code: policemen and their tattoos again and ‘skin in the employment game’.

‘Interesting news’: ‘John McCaine’s daughter addicted to tattoos’.

Finally, something ‘highbrow’ again: a link to a German article about Herman Nitsch and his museum (sent in by a friend) and an interview with David Cronenberg who briefly discusses his view on human bodies.

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5 responses to “code(s)

  1. Bastian ⋅

    I`m going to see that Herrmann Nitsch museum in two weeks – that`s going to be interesting!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    I didn’t link to the website cuz it seems to be under construction now. Hopefully you’ll share your impressions with me!

    Coincidentally, I’m in the middle of reading a book about artists using their bodies as medium and Nitsch is in there, too (plus Ron Athey, Orlan, Stelarc etc.)

  3. Bastian ⋅

    artists who use their bodies as medium – now, that`s something I learned to *really” understand and appreciate only recently (you should know how that came to be… :)). I used to find Nitsch interesting more for his controversial, “in your face” concepts that sparked debates every time he pushed the boundaries of taste a little more over the years. What`s the title of that book you mentioned, anyway – it sounds like something interesting!

  4. aniareads ⋅

    It actually is.
    ‘Extreme Bodies. The Use and Abuse of the Body in Art’ by F.A.Miglietti.

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