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events, trend, addiction

The weekend was quiet news-wise, so here a couple of these somewhat interesting ones:

Events: coverage from Boston Tattoo Convention and Big Daddy’s Tattoo and Bike Expo in OH. An upcoming event in Europe (this one’s in Dutch – it’s been a while again).

Allegedly the latest trend among the celebs – white tattoos.

Up to us to decide but for now – ‘you’re gonna have to face it … you’re addicted to tats’.

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2 responses to “events, trend, addiction

  1. Jacques ⋅

    still amazes me, and most people id hope, that trends of the wealthy and well known are discussed with any seriousness whatsoever….though i guess if someone who gets alot of pics published and is seen by a large portion of the population as an icon to emulate..i guess i have to agree that the loogic of “if it works for them …”.in the hope that you can absorb a part of their fame.
    but then…hulk hogan was prety famous and the handle bar moustache never really got past a more of a joke than any serious fashion addition…

  2. aniareads ⋅

    sort of ‘contagious magic’? to me it looks more like modern fairy tales – long ago people used to sit by the fire and listen to the old and wise or laugh at the village fool’s expense; now they have the ‘American dream’ of money and superficial happiness to admire and dream about and to escape from their own lives they find boring;

    haha do you remember Mr. T’s jewelry collection? never became ‘in’, either.

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