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Vox populi on Real Madrid vs. tattoos.

Two German articles discussing whether tattoos and body piercing are here to stay or not. The subject of these articles isn’t new but, at least, it’s always new shops and different artists.

More on ‘trends’: the most popular military tattoos.

Law-related: in Australia ‘MPs look at nipple piercing ban for under 18s’; in GA ‘regulations coming to body art business’.

Events: first coverage of Boston Tattoo Convention and an article about upcoming Bizarre Ball.

When I got to read the ‘Body Piercing Saved My Life’ book, I was disappointed because there was close to nothing about body modification in there; the article ‘The Fisrt Lutheran Church of Punk’ is about the same.

Finally a book: official release of the Tattoo Sourcebook is going to happen soon.

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