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Sometimes articles go almost in ‘bulk’ – Wim Delvoye in the last post and here’s an article about his *in*famous pigs and upcoming exhibit.

An article from Ireland tries to solve the mystery of popularity of tattoos; as if to confirm its main point, recently there were many short articles about celebs’s tattoos, for example about Kate Moss and her new one.

Would memorial tattoo be equally popular without ‘Miami Ink” shown on TV pretty much everywhere? Another one in the-growing-popularity-of-memorial-tattoos-vein and a text about a heavily tattooed guy and his one special tattoo.

In other news, an upcoming tattoo convention in Barcelona, Spain, another one in Venezuela (with La Negra, Ego Kornus and Orlan as participants), best geek tattoos round 2 and the local tattoo ‘scene’ in Athens, GA.

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