books, law and fun

Let’s start with a book that maybe is not very focused on tattoos but its author is definitely heavily tattooed – Yakuza Moon recently translated into Dutch (two reviews in English).

A big question is: Tattoos for women? You bet!

Attempts to regulate the body modification industry in Sevilla, Spain and something different but interesting: Baltimore Tattoo Museum.

Since I like articles from local newspapers about small, local shops, here’s an article about a shop in Chester, OH and an interview with a tattoo artist from PA (it’s chaotically organized, though).

A nicely funny touch: two Canadian teenagers and their air-brush tattoo business.

new shops, old blunders

Articles about suspensions seldom appear online; kind of sucks this one is more about an accident during a suspension performance at the recent Tattoo Expo in FL than anything else (links to sun.sentinel don’t work properly atm, so I’ll link to them later). Hopefully the performer in question will get well soon.

Two tattoo artists and their perspectives on the art (or trade) – in English and in Spanish (makes for an interesting juxtaposition).

You can tell that tattoos get more and more popular not only because you get to see them more often but also because there are more and more shops around – shops and customers in NY and MO and a permission to perform tattooing in one of the CA towns.

A handful of anecdotes about kanji tattoos in German and ‘body art blunders’ in English (this one is worth clicking on as it contains a link to tattoos on athletes competing in Beijing).

eye-catching … tattoos are

Eyeball tattooing seems to be getting really popular on the web – another German article provides not only words of warning but also a few pictures of Shannon Larratt’s procedure. The American editorial is less balanced.

In other, less ‘shocking’, news, ‘Iguana Mike’ shows how far one can go, an article from United Arab Emirates discusses a less permanent route of air-brush tattoos and there’s also a ‘voice of reason’ about the recent tattoo ban in Bountiful, UT.

The ‘local’ touch: Tattoo Expo in FL and in Bogota, Colombia, and tattoo guide around Milwaukee, WI.

eyes and skin

Slow day news-wise but three articles caught my interest:

A German one about eyeball tattooing – focused on the shock value mostly (again), so if you want decent information on the subject, go to Zentastic.

Subcultures and body modification usually go hand in hand; here’s a small overview of the goth scene in Dutch.

Kind of historical moment for the Olympic tattoos on the ‘Australian skin” – “China glitch to Olympic tat tradition”.

tattoos vs. society … again

Dress code strikes again, this time in UT – work for Bountiful? Not if your tattoo is easy to see.

People’s responses to ‘Dear Abby’ post from a few days ago – always interesting to see what people really think.

Kind of funny that even if tattoos are still frown upon, they are still used to make some profit – Tattoo Bandage Set both for hardcore fans and wannabes.

The world goes on, though, and the new shops are getting open, new tattoo magazines are published and new tattoo conventions are organized pretty much every day.

body piercing for a change

I don’t link to too many articles about body piercing on here but it’s only because there really is way less coverage on body piercing, and tattoos seem to be more popular, more ‘controversial’ etc. And even when something body piercing-related appears in the news, it’s mostly about health risks, discrimination, school bans, dress code etc.

Just to ‘prove’ it, a few articles about school dress code and body piercing – two from the US and one from Australia.

Kind of silly news but one can try to see something ‘deeper’ here, too – R&B star gets her nipples pierced to ‘fight’ breast cancer.

Something less specific: Ancient art of piercing.

115 tattoos, 40 million stories’ is about the ‘Permanence. Tattoo Portraits by Kip Fulbeck’. The book is very interesting, indeed, although I found it kind of hard to read people’s stories printed in their own, not always easy to decipher, handwriting. It certainly adds to the book and its concept, though. A few interviews with tattoo artists and foreword by Horitaka make this book a bit more ‘informative’.

tattoos mostly

Tattoos now mainstream art’ is a pretty mediocre article but its redeeming ‘quality’ is shedding some light on the Seattle ‘scene’.

Usually, responsible tattoo artists (and everyone else for that matter) advise to wait and make really sure that’s the tattoo we really want; this tattoo artist has a different approach.

Speaking of tattoo artists, here’s ’10 questions for a tattoo artist’; tattoo shop certainly is an interesting place to hang out at.

Tattoo Evolution’ focuses on microdermals; relatively new procedure, definitely interesting.


One of the main points all the authors of the ‘gems’ seem to forget is that behind every single tattoo out there there are living people with their feelings, thoughts and stories to tell (not to mention that their stories might become the legends on Miami Ink (; ) So, since every body has a story, here are some people who were featured, one way or another, on the web news today, along with their tattoos:

This man is a legend and no matter how hard scientists try, he’s still a living (or rather dead) mystery: a new article about him.

The tattooed are people from all possible walks of life; this one is a message therapist from NY.

The article about Robert ‘Bobbie’ Walker was published to keep memory about him alive; maybe it’s bad news but he really seemed to have been a great guy!

A German article about a tattoo artist who’s all about custom pieces!

So, ‘are tattoos tantalizing or tacky?

Shakespearian twist

A little more about Tattoo Expo in Seattle (a chunky slide show attached to this one); also, another tattoo expo in Mexico next week.

Two articles focused on the local industry – new laws and fees in NM and the art and business of tattoos in CT.

Ever since the results of the survey about tattoo removal were published, there’s more and more articles in ‘think before you ink’ and ‘tattoo regret’ vein. ‘Tattoo craze fading…’ from India and ‘Tattoos everywhere; women stigmatized’ from Jamaica follow this ‘trend’.

To tattoo or not to tattoo? That’s a business question’ turned out to be surprisingly good to read and contains some sound advice on the subject at that.

And a piece of advice from Spain – ‘better to get tattooed in wintertime’.

events and standards

Tattoo conventions in Seattle and Oklahoma City covered and an upcoming event in Germany. I wonder why it’s called ‘Ink and Pain Days’ when ‘Tinte und Schmerz’ would sound so much cooler!

Scary news from Colombia where tattoo and piercing shops allegedly don’t meet the standards.

‘News’ from Searcy, AR, was already ‘featured’ on here; this time a local tattoo artist defends his trade and sheds some light on the ‘industry’ regulations in the state.