tattoos -a hot topic

Getting the facts straight about tattoos’ is something that should be done; another one claiming to be useful is ‘Body piercing: the safe way

Tattoos and society: ‘people with tattoos get bad ink’, ‘school board can’t agree on student tattoos’, a handful of opinions about tattoos from Port Huron readers and another article from Bountiful, UT, this time with voices of those responsible for the tattoo policy.

Not very smart: ‘Swastika tattoos found in candy packages’ in Israel of all countries possible. Swastika is way more than a Nazi symbol but not all of us are aware of that.

An interesting article from Germany that indirectly discusses a number tattoo from a concentration camp.

Two upcoming tattoo conventions: Tattoo Expo Tijuana 2008 and London Tattoo Convention which, this time, will be hosted in a new location.