the things people go through to …

A small update on El Paso county, CO – tattoo, piercing businesses may pay for inspections.

Since I’m at this, here’s two other articles: new business (read: tattoo parlor) will have to find new location and a sort of open letter to people from Port Huron (yes, it deals with tattoos, too).

The things women go through to attract men’ isn’t as bad as it sounds; too bad, however, that I have yet to read an article about ‘the things men do to attract women’.

More in the ‘people and their tattoos’ vein: ‘bold inklings’ and ‘olympic zealots’.

Tattoos and MRI’s: what’s the risk’ may answer a few questions; ‘Tattoos across America Tour’ certainly sounds like an interesting adventure/ enterprise’ and a short article about the Romulans sheds (not enough) light on their tattoos.