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new shops, old blunders

Articles about suspensions seldom appear online; kind of sucks this one is more about an accident during a suspension performance at the recent Tattoo Expo in FL than anything else (links to sun.sentinel don’t work properly atm, so I’ll link to them later). Hopefully the performer in question will get well soon.

Two tattoo artists and their perspectives on the art (or trade) – in English and in Spanish (makes for an interesting juxtaposition).

You can tell that tattoos get more and more popular not only because you get to see them more often but also because there are more and more shops around – shops and customers in NY and MO and a permission to perform tattooing in one of the CA towns.

A handful of anecdotes about kanji tattoos in German and ‘body art blunders’ in English (this one is worth clicking on as it contains a link to tattoos on athletes competing in Beijing).

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