body piercing for a change

I don’t link to too many articles about body piercing on here but it’s only because there really is way less coverage on body piercing, and tattoos seem to be more popular, more ‘controversial’ etc. And even when something body piercing-related appears in the news, it’s mostly about health risks, discrimination, school bans, dress code etc.

Just to ‘prove’ it, a few articles about school dress code and body piercing – two from the US and one from Australia.

Kind of silly news but one can try to see something ‘deeper’ here, too – R&B star gets her nipples pierced to ‘fight’ breast cancer.

Something less specific: Ancient art of piercing.

115 tattoos, 40 million stories’ is about the ‘Permanence. Tattoo Portraits by Kip Fulbeck’. The book is very interesting, indeed, although I found it kind of hard to read people’s stories printed in their own, not always easy to decipher, handwriting. It certainly adds to the book and its concept, though. A few interviews with tattoo artists and foreword by Horitaka make this book a bit more ‘informative’.