One of the main points all the authors of the ‘gems’ seem to forget is that behind every single tattoo out there there are living people with their feelings, thoughts and stories to tell (not to mention that their stories might become the legends on Miami Ink (; ) So, since every body has a story, here are some people who were featured, one way or another, on the web news today, along with their tattoos:

This man is a legend and no matter how hard scientists try, he’s still a living (or rather dead) mystery: a new article about him.

The tattooed are people from all possible walks of life; this one is a message therapist from NY.

The article about Robert ‘Bobbie’ Walker was published to keep memory about him alive; maybe it’s bad news but he really seemed to have been a great guy!

A German article about a tattoo artist who’s all about custom pieces!

So, ‘are tattoos tantalizing or tacky?