law, insight and gossip …

A few law-related articles (all of them concern law proposals): in the UK a proposal to ban DIY body piercing kits easily available on the internet and news from Sweden: castration law for Swedish transgenders?

In Germany a small reminder of the so-called ‘Petz-Paragraf’ (previous post on the subject)

Tattoos no longer taboo’ is about Australia and sheds more light on the local ‘scene’ there; a little insight into the Chinese attitude towards tattoos is presented in the article about a Chinese, heavily tattooed enthusiast of the Olympic Games in Beijing. And an article about sports fans and their tattoos tries to explain what makes people get sports-related tattoos.

Celeb gossip is not my favorite subject to read about but since celebrities play some role in making body modifications more popular, here’s top 10 tattooed celebrities if anyone’s interested.