Russian shadow

The article from The Moscow Time, ‘black bangs, piercings raise eyebrows in Duma’, is a few weeks old but the subject is still valid and it still draws some attention in the ‘morally corrupted’ and ‘decadent’ Western countries – ‘Russia takes aim at fleeting trend’ is from Canada and quite humorous ‘the best and worst places in the world to be Emo’ is from MN, USA.

Scratching the surface’ and ‘Skin deep’ both deal with human skin but discuss way more than just tattoos – they are both interesting to read and then reflect upon.

More painful than it looks’ is from South Africa and presents not only a tattoo virgin in the middle of the tattooing process but also sheds some light on the local ‘scene’ and one female tattoo artist in particular.

Finally something both lighter, obvious and yet interesting from Wales where this weekend TattooJam is taking place (linking to MySpace profile only because I kept receiving ‘fatal error’ message when clicking on their official site; just to be clear on this one;)) – ‘celebrities leading tattoo demand‘.