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Get inked in the Village of Camillus’ presents a local artist and his shop. As it was stated before, I do enjoy glimpses of everydayness and reading about small shops from all around the world.

Tattoos move into the mainstream’ doesn’t bring anything new but highlights the fact that these days more and more older people decide to get tattooed. Good for them and interesting to read about for me!

Local event in South Dakota – Rally Ink with some interesting shots of both people and their tattoos.

News from New Zealand focus on local gangs and a possible law banning gang-related regalia, tattoos being one of them.

Another law-related article is from Nova Scotia, in case you wonder how legal regulations of the industry look over there.

An interesting website devoted to science tattoos – Science Tattoo Emporium (I think Shannon Larratt already wrote about it)

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