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two sides of one coin

New tattoo/body piercing shops are opened all the time (here’s a new one in the Netherlands to ‘prove’ my point) while others go out of business from various reasons – this one in Palm Springs, CA certainly has a very interesting reason (another link). The comments are worth a look, too.

FireEngineering website asks firefighters for their opinions on tattoos on duty – hopefully they’ll publish some of the responses.

More in dress code department – a Swiss guy having problems at work due to swastika tattoos. Which reminds me of posting a link to a friend’s website devoted to swastika (which, as all should know, not always is a negative symbol!)

I recently posted a link to the article from FL about efforts to better regulate the industry in this state. ‘Parlor owners should be careful what they wish for’ tries to show the question from a different angle.

In Hawaii tattoos are a mark of pride’ discusses tattoos as heritage, pride and an important element of one’s culture. The same applies to many other cultures, so let’s better keep it in mind!

I categorized ‘Me and my tattoos’ as a ‘gem’ but it’s not a typical ‘gem’ with some vitriol, trying to be ‘funny’ and no points whatsoever.

Finally, ‘do you have a ‘literary tattoo’ is an attempt to reach out to people with such tattoos to come up with an article on the subject. Help the guy if you want to!

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