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7/22 – 7/27/08

The recent study on tattoos, regrets and removal seemed to be very popular. Here are two others in this vein in German and English, with some statistics.

In WI tattoo parlors targeted for higher fees while people from the industry in FL are trying to regulate body piercing and tattoo business better – they have some interesting ideas at that.

A short article about Victoria Pitts-Taylor (her book ‘In the Flesh’ is quite interesting, I must say).

Appearance does matter, as it seems, so it’s suggested to the long-term unemployed to go for makeovers, their tattoos and piercings included.

A nice collection of ‘gems’ with interesting titles: tattoos – have they become a part of everyday life?, tattoos are just one more way we’re ignoring the future, tattoos as subversive as cargo pants.

Something not that common: nail tattoos (with some interesting comments by a sociologist) and another one that’s not really latest news for those into tattooing: ear and eyelid tattoos.

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