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7/17 – 7/21/08

Norway was a great experience and I had a great time all the time. I still have well over a hundred links to go through, so I’m going to update in a few steps.

The Dutch newspapers published articles about body art and heart condition, stressing how risky getting a tattoo can be for someone with a weak heart. One of the online newspapers also published an interesting article about illegal tattooing and a need for stricter regulations in the Netherlands.

After a public meeting in El Paso, CO, looks like the county health department cannot afford inspecting local tattoo parlors. The case is not closed yet, though.

Something people going for a text/lettering tattoos should always take into consideration is proper spelling of the chosen words. The Jade Dragon shop faces a law suit over misspelling a tattoo and it’s not their first one.

One of the most common questions about tattoos is ‘and what if you’ll regret them later on?’ (I got  asked this in Norway, too!) According to a recent study, it’s women who are more likely to regret and erase their tattoos. And there is also ‘piercing regret’.

Internationally, an alternative fashion show in German subway (with a slide show) and an article about a piercing shop in Cyprus.

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