religion, law, gender and ‘unusual’ ideas

Another article about the Jews and tattoos; interesting to read and deals with a few ‘urban myths’ regarding the religion and tattoos.

I’ve already posted an article on planned changes in Russian law (tattoo and body piercing ban included) but here’s a new German one on the subject. What makes it more interesting is a few young people’s opinions on the changes.

I find it funny that the people who talk a lot about tattoos are usually those who don’t have any and are rather against them. Two British articles in this vein: I ink therefore I am (smart title, isn’t it?) and think before you ink (this one is at least very ‘original’) and one from WA asking if your ink reveals more than you think?

Female tattoo artist(s) in Sisters are tattooing it for themselves and warnings Australia issued for athletes going to Beijing soon – Olympic madness will start soon!

Funny or unusual? NH man offers himself as tattoo billboard (not new idea and over in NZ there is someone with a similar although less ambitious idea).

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for Oslo to attend Wings of Desire event and I’m staying in Norway till next Thursday – I’ll probably update (with some shots from Norway, too?) next Friday or so.