health and law

The most interesting news for today would be that psychiatric patients with tattoos have higher probability to have antisocial personality disorder (another one). I found it only in Spanish, though, so feel free to correct me here. Unfortunately it seems not to have made English-speaking news yet as my google fu didn’t turn in anything recent. The English version: study links tattoos to disorder.

Last week we could learn that HI health regulations concerning tattoos and body piercing are 27 years old; MI beats this record – the local Code Health there backs to 1977. There’s hope for updating it, though!

Another voice in discussion about budget cuts in CO, this time from the other side: self-policing tattoo joints; don’t involve county in body art!

Archaic ‘laws’ and no inspections/supervising from local authorities, however, can mean only more problems. The more the legal this industry is, the less the illegal tattoo artists out there.

On a more positive note: the art that goes under skin (in German, with a slide-show) and revolutionizing getting inked (which isn’t really revolutionary but I do enjoy reading about small, local shops).