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Another article about budget cuts in the Health Department in CO counties that’s going to affect local tattoo and piercing shops. A public meeting to discuss it takes place this Wednesday. Too bad CO is so far away – it would be interesting to hear both sides.

Just a quick reminder why sterile tools and clean shop are so important – Healthy Skin Campaign in Germany again (in English!)

I admit to love reading in Spanish not only because I’m learning the language now but also because Spanish articles on the subject show body modification in different parts of the world than usual US or UK locations. In this ‘addicted to ink’ one you can read which tattoo designs are ‘in’ and which are ‘out’ this summer in Spain, and how tattoo artists deal with minors wanting to get inked. It’s simple but pretty interesting.

A new (and only so far) tattoo shop in Austin, MN just about to be open. I got my first tattoos done at a small shop in a small American town – certainly an interesting experience on its own.

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